About Us

We're passionate about all things web related and have been programming for 30+ Years

Our Introduction


Since 2009 Gladwin Consultants have been providing Consultancy, Web Application Development and Support services. Our clients benefit from being able to work closely with our team members and always have direct access via phone or email. We pride ourselves on giving the very best service but in a way that is cost effective and in budget. We are constantly striving to be the very best at what we do, both by learning the latest technologies and listening to our customers’ feedback. We will always do our very best to help our clients achieve their objectives.

Our team is headed up by Jeremy Gladwin who has been programming since 1985. His first computer was the Sinclair ZX Spectrum and he hasn’t looked back since!

Photo of Director Jeremy Gladwin
Photo of Director Jeremy Gladwin

Our Process

Requirements Analysis / Information Gathering

We will work with you to gather all those things which need to be considered for the given activity.


Using the information gathered in our requirements analysis phase we will put together a plan on how we should move forward. If the required activity requires design work, we will produce mock ups or wireframes to assist.


Once everyone is ready, we will begin the development phase. We will work in a flexible way so if your priorities or requirements change we can adapt quickly and easily.

Delivery / Testing

Only once your final approval has been given will the task be delivered. Any required testing will fully involve both us and you.

Maintenance and Support

We will fully support you once the task has been delivered and have regular updates to discuss issues or improvements.

Our Associates

We have formed relationships with a number of organisations who we collaborate with to further enhance the services we can offer to our clients: