Asendia UK

Ongoing support and enhancements to order processing platform

Asendia is one of the world’s top three international mail and parcel specialists, delivering  mail, packages, parcels and documents to more than 220 destinations across the globe. They offer many value added services too including fulfilment, print, data, returns, and ecommerce solutions.

Asendia UK’s Fulfillment Centre in Bedford run a complex order processing system both for their internal processes and externally for their clients.

We have worked with Asendia to enhance and extend their order processing system to:

  • Migrate from ACF (Adobe ColdFusion) to Railo/Lucee
  • Allow multiple orders for same customers to be “merged” together to save on postage costs
  • Allow orders to be despatched and confirmed in batches rather than individually
  • Allow orders to be automatically picked and grouped by common characteristics, e.g. country and type of SKU
  • Integrate with Shopify ecommerce platform to import orders and push back tracking information as well as triggering client emails
  • Integrate with leading TMS (Transport Management Systems), NetDespatch and MetaPack

We are also in the process of providing our consultancy services to help with:

  • Configuring and supporting a new WMS (Warehouse Management System)
  • Migrating clients from existing order processing system to new WMS